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Yakup Erdem Yılmaz is a student who stepped into the world of software development at an early age. He has a keen interest in many areas of software and spends most of his time tinkering with them.

For example, he has a good knowledge of web development, mobile application development, .net applications development and game development. Gaining experience in these different areas allows him to become a versatile developer in software development.

Yakup's passion for software development sets him on the path to do great things in the future.

"Instead of the right answer, it is necessary to find the right question"

Software Career

Achieving success in the software development industry is a very challenging process. However, if the person in question is Yakup Erdem Yılmaz, achieving success is quite easy thanks to his passion and desire. When he developed his first game in 2016, he set himself a goal: to always do better. Striving to achieve this goal, Yakup gained experience in many areas of software and became a software developer who can perform operations quickly.

Ondokuz Games Installation

20Towards the end of his 21st year, Yakup Erdem Yılmaz wanted to do his projects with his own team and founded Ondokuz Games with a friend. Yakup Erdem Yılmaz, who later continued to manage the team on his own, made many projects with his team, but only 2 of them were able to reach the publication stage. The purpose of establishing Ondokuz Games was to develop the Turkish gaming industry in the future and to ensure that Turkey is among the well-known countries in the gaming industry.

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