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Mind's Eye Version 1.41

Bug fix interim update.

General changes

bug fix

The bug where the character was locked, which prevented the game from continuing, has been resolved.

Mind's Eye Version 1.40

A prominent feature in this version is the registration system added to the game.

General changes

Recording system

Data such as graphics, sound, sensitivity and where you left off are now automatically recorded by the game.

General bug fixes

Fixed common bugs that might be noticeable in the game

Mind's Eye Version 1.30

In this version, significant changes have been made, especially in the controls, and gameplay has been made easier.

General changes

Controls have been changed

The controller used to look around was removed and the controls were liberalized, making gameplay easier.

Image corrections have been made

Since some places in the game were very dark, players had difficulty seeing around. With the new update, the brightness of the game has been increased.

General bug fixes

First of all, the texts in the elevator section were corrected, and then various errors that were slightly noticeable were corrected.

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